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Our Team

Welcome to my music studio!

Hi, I’m Norman Hamilton and I’ve been teaching music lessons for just about 20 years. Before that I was a school teacher. I helped kids who were struggling in the classroom become more successful.

Through it all, I’ve learned you have to have a connection with kids if you want them to learn. They have to know you care.

Kids also need a solid curriculum to excel. This was something that stumped me during my first few years of teaching. I struggled to find teaching materials that would work for kids. I thought there must be something available off-the-shelf that did what I wanted it to do.

Finally, I figured out that I needed to create my own materials if I wanted to teach what I felt was important.  With much trial and error, a system of learning was born. Over the years, I have refined and expanded this program.

Today there are 10 Levels in this system. The heart of the program is an innovative way of visualizing music. It’s presented in a way that feels intuitive to kids and heightens their interest. 


Norman has been our daughter’s classical guitar teacher for three years, since she was six. We started her with lessons thinking we’d explore it for a few months, but Norman’s kind, teacherly approach and his easy-to-follow lesson plans made continuing a good investment of our time and money.

He’s attentive to the pace (and ramblings) of children while helping them to approach the instrument from multiple, integrated perspectives. In addition to learning to play, read music, and listen for and identify notes, our daughter has fun, gains a feeling of accomplishment, and is learning some great songs from the American archives.

Aimee Sisco

My 8 year old son has been taking ukulele lessons with Norman Hamilton for one and one-half years and will soon be transitioning to guitar. Norman has been an excellent teacher while patiently offering clear instruction and motivation. It has been delightful to watch my son gain skill in handling an instrument and learning to read music.

My son has also developed increased confidence through music. He went from fearing speaking or performing in front of others to volunteering to play music for his class and making up songs with his friends. I would highly recommend Norman as an instructor and I hope we get to have many more years with him.

– Katy Powell

We are very pleased with the progress our son has made in the past year with Norman. He is learning fundamentals of guitar and how to read music. Norman has a very patient and calm way about him that has helped our son become confident in playing and comfortable working with his teacher. We are delighted that our son enjoys his lessons and look forward to his continued success under Norman’s tutelage.

– Nick and Stephanie Dazer



Gain a sense of rhythm and learn how to play in time

Ear Training

Learn how to hear and identify a note in relation to other notes.


Develop habits that will support a lifetime of healthy playing.

Read Music

Read and understand music symbols while playing them on your instrument

Strum Chords

Learn how to accompany yourself while singing with strumming chords.

Music Theory

Understand the core concepts of music.